Qtronix QX-032

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Qtronix QX-032
Qtronix 32AT -- top.jpg
Model no. QX-032
Branding Qtronix
Manufacturer Qtronix
Layouts Numeric keypad + navigation cluster (32-keys)
Keyswitches Aristotle Cherry MX clone
Cherry MX Blue
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface PS/2 (PS/2 and DIN-5 plugs)
Dimensions 6.75 × 6.5 × 1.5 in
Price $79.95

Qtronix QX-032 is being used to cover several identical-looking Qtronix/iOne numeric keypads that may not share the precisely identical model or FCC registration.


English, beige, Aristotle

Found with Aristotle Cherry MX clone switches. Model number QX-032, FCC ID F2Q4NEQX-032H.

English, black, Cherry

iOne Scorpius 32, with black case and Cherry MX Blue switches. The num lock indicator panel remains grey as per the beige models.[1]

Chinese, beige

Qtronix branded, with laser charred legends. The switch type is given only as "台灣白軸" (Taiwan white shaft), and the label is missing. The model number is given as "32AT".[2] The legends appear to be non-standard.