Qwiic Pro Micro

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Qwiic Pro Micro
Manufacturer Sparkfun
License Creative Commons Share-alike 4.0 International
Host port USB Type-C
Microcontroller ATMega32U4
MPU AVR (8-bit)
Voltage 3.3V or 5V
Clock speed 16 MHz
Digital I/O pins 18
RAM 2.5 KB
Program memory 32 KB
Boot loader Caterina
Website www.sparkfun.com/products/15795

The Qwiic Pro Micro is a variant of SparkFun's Pro Micro featuring USB Type-C, a reset button and a 4-pin JST connector for SparkFun's "Qwiic Connect System" for I²C between boards.

Differences to the Pro Micro


  • The USB port is now USB type C, which is both through-hole and SMD mounted. It should be tougher and not as easily torn off as the USB micro B port on the original Pro Micro.
  • The solder-jumper for voltage selection has been changed into a three-way jumper located on the underside of the PCB. Vcc is connected to Raw by default. The red power LED and 10µF capacitor that were previously part of the Vcc circuit (3.3V or 5V) are now on the 3.3V circuit.
  • The holes are castellated, enabling flush soldering.


  • Reset button near bottom
  • Back-facing Qwiic® port for I²C, and 3.3V provided by the board's voltage regulator.
  • The USB port's D+,D- and power lines are available as pads on the bottom.


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