RAFI Compudent

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RAFI Compudent
RAFI Compudent front view.JPG
Manufacturer RAFI
Layouts Proprietary
Keyswitches RAFI RS 76 M (diode)
RAFI RS 76 M (illuminated)
Keycaps Low profile doubleshots
Weight 1930 g


This is a keyboard specifically built for use in a dental environment by RAFI. The RS 76 M switches are PCB mounted. Pink salmon sliders denote mechanical switches equipped with diodes. The yellow ones also have diodes, but their springs are about 50% stronger. Notice the top function row, these keys match up to the arrangement of human teeth. Two rows symmetrically arranged around the middle. The original blue color of these keycaps can be seen in the picture "RAFI Compudent doubleshots back". The PCB is attached to the case with eight screws from the back. This is then screwed to the metal back plate. The keycaps are low profile double shots. The backlit keycaps have a transparent plastic top. The "klick" key at the top right and the blue round Kyocera element on the PCB suggests this keyboard features a clicker. This keyboard has no feet.


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