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Manufacturer RAFI
Family RAFI Full-Travel Keyswitch
Introduced 1975[1]
Discontinued between 1994 and 1999[2]
Switch type Linear
Sense method Hall effect
Actuation force 80 cN
Total travel 2.5 mm
Keycap mount RAFI mount
Switch mount PCB mount
Patents DE2504091A (1975)
GB1533154 (1976)

RAFI RS 74 C is a low-travel switch in the RAFI Full-Travel Keyswitch family.


RS 74 C switches share the same overall design as the 4 mm RS 76 C switch, but have a reduced travel of 2.5 mm and a shallower shell. They are targeted at a unit of 0.75", or 19.05 mm, and the switch shells are themselves this exact width.

It is not known whether a latching variant existed. An illuminated variant was available, where an LED could be placed at the front-left (or back-right) corner.

RS 74 C was patented together with RS 74 M in German patent DE2504091A, filed in 1975.


  1. Elektroniskt tangentbord med låg bygghöjd, Elteknik med aktuell elektronik 18 (1975) p. v: RAFI har ett nytt elektroniskt tangentbord: RS 74 C [...] Själva strömställaren består av en integrerad elektronisk krets med grindar som styrs av en Hall-generator.
  2. The 1999 RAFI catalogue lists only the mechanical version as RS 74 (without the "M" suffix), whereas the 1994 components photo on the RAFI history page still shows two variants of the RS 74 C switch.