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RAFI RS 76 C -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer RAFI
Family RAFI full-travel key switch
Product code 3.13.001.nnn
Introduced 1976[1]
Switch type Linear,
Sense method Hall effect
Rated lifetime 100 M (momentary)
100 k (latching)
Total travel 4 mm
Keycap mount RAFI mount
Switch mount PCB mount
Website www.rafi.de/RS-76-Langhubtaster-zum-Aufbau.165.0.html
HFO—VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt (Oder)—logo found on the 76 C Hall IC

RAFI RS 76 C is a series of PCB-mount Hall effect switches in the RAFI full-travel key switch family.


RS 76 C switches use a Hall sensor IC, actuated using a small magnet; the magnet is 2 mm wide, 3 mm tall and 1 mm deep. The magnet fits into a pocket within the slider. The IC provides the switch with four legs; an additional dummy leg is placed at the opposite end of the switch simply to help secure the switch. The momentary switches are damped on the downstroke by a rubber ring placed around the slider guide shaft; this is omitted from the illuminated and latching versions as it would partially block the holes in the base for the LEDs.

The momentary versions typically use yellow sliders, although in the 2016 catalogue they are shown with the same colourless slider as used by the illuminated and latching versions. The Siemens Teleperm ST215 does indeed uses colourless sliders. An anomalous version with a cream slider is depicted below.

The RAFI Electromechanical Components 2001 catalogue provides part numbers for IP 40 and IP 65–rated switches; at present, only IP 40–rated switches are listed in RAFI catalogues. The separate part numbers for different LED colours are also no longer listed.

RS 76 C should not be confused with low-profile ITW magnetic valve switches, which are also open-top and use a very similar keycap mount.


The series appears to be divided as follows:

  • 3.13.001.nnnn — IP40
  • 3.13.011.nnnn — IP65
Action IP rating Illuminated Terminal force Part number
RAFI RS 76 C 010 -- variants table.jpg Momentary IP 40 No 70 cN (2016)
3.13001.010 (2001)
RAFI RS 76 C 210 -- variants table.jpg Momentary IP 40 No 100 cN (2016)
3.13001.210 (2001)
No photograph.svg Momentary IP 65 No 100 cN 3.13011.010 (2001)
No photograph.svg Momentary IP 65 No 130 cN 3.13011.210 (2001)
RAFI RS 76 C 110 -- variants table.jpg Momentary IP 40 Yes 70 cN (2016)
3.13001.110/0000 (2001)
No photograph.svg Momentary IP 65 Yes 110 cN 3.13011.110/0000 (2001)
RAFI RS 76 C 130 -- variants table.jpg Latching IP 40 Yes 70 cN (2016)
3.13001.130/0000 (2001)
No photograph.svg Latching IP 65 Yes 110 cN 3.13011.130/0000 (2001)

The RAFI Electromechanical Components 2001 catalogue also lists the following dedicated part numbers for the illuminated versions:

Action IP rating LED colour Part number
Momentary IP 40 None 3.13001.110/0000
Momentary IP 40 Red 3.13001.110/1350
Momentary IP 40 Green 3.13001.110/1550
Momentary IP 40 Yellow 3.13001.110/1450
Momentary IP 65 None 3.13011.110/0000
Momentary IP 65 Red 3.13011.110/1350
Momentary IP 65 Green 3.13011.110/1550
Momentary IP 65 Yellow 3.13011.110/1450
Latching IP 40 None 3.13001.130/0000
Latching IP 40 Red 3.13001.130/1350
Latching IP 40 Green 3.13001.130/1550
Latching IP 40 Yellow 3.13001.130/1450
Latching IP 65 None 3.13011.130/0000
Latching IP 65 Red 3.13011.130/1350
Latching IP 65 Green 3.13011.130/1550
Latching IP 65 Yellow 3.13011.130/1450



Sample received from RAFI in 2016.

Sample received from RAFI in 2016. This is identical to 010 except for having a heavier spring:

Anomalous cream version


  1. Electronic Design 25 (1976), Nr. 22, p. 102: A new switching technique for keyboard system RS 76 uses a Hall-effect IC to ensure that switching is bouncefree and reliable.
  2. Deskthority — Siemens Teleperm ST215