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RAFI RS 76 MX -- variants table.jpg
Manufacturer RAFI
Family RAFI RS 76 M
Switch type Progressive rate
Sense method Metal contact
Bounce time 10 ms
Total travel 4 mm
Keycap mount RAFI mount
Switch mount PCB mount

RAFI RS 76 MX is a translucent version of the non-latching variant of the RAFI RS 76 M (illuminated) switch.

The switch is largely identical to RS 76 M. The two changes are a white shell and larger LED holes in the base. RS 76 M only has two slits in the base to each accept the legs of a small LED (with two LEDs supported per switch, one on either side). RS 76 MX enlarges these holes to allow the switch to straddle a pair of SMD LEDs soldered to the PCB within the confines of the switch. All other details remain the same, and the switch could be converted to latching by adding the three extra parts (slide block, follower pin and pressure spring). The slide block track block is fitted, and remains black plastic.