RAFI RS 76 M (basic)

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RAFI RS 76 M (basic)
RAFI RS 76 M (basic).jpg
Manufacturer RAFI
Family RAFI RS 76 M
Introduced 1975?
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 10M
Bounce time 5 ms
Total travel 4 mm
Keycap mount RAFI mount
Switch mount PCB mount


Being wholly open top, the perimeter loop movable contact is held in place by steps moulded into the shell. The case does not accept a diode, latching mechanism or LEDs: these features use separate designs of switch. The shell has space for a second stationary contact (including the required hole in the base for the terminal); this would allow for an SPST changeover switch with one contact normally open and one contact normally closed. 76 M SPDT is not known in any form, but RS 74 M SPDT latching does exist.


The 90 cN IP40 version has a white slider, while the 140 cN IP40 version has a yellow slider.


  • GE DRS Patient Directory Study keyboard (white; 2001)[1]