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Razer USA Ltd.
Industry Computer hardware
Consumer electronics
Founded 1998
Headquarters San Diego, California, USA
Key people Min-Liang Tan(陳民亮/陈民亮) (CEO and Creative Director)
Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff (President)
Website www.razerzone.com, eu.razerzone.com

Razer is a company that makes various gaming related devices, like keyboards, mice, keypads and headsets. Razer also makes a line of gaming laptops, called Razer Blade.


Razer is one of the world's least respected brands of computer peripherals.

Razer SoftMiner

On Dec 12, 2018, Razer announced the Razer SoftMiner: a cryptocurrency mining program that users could install on their computers to mine cryptocurrency for Razer. In return, installers would receive "Razer Silver" - a store credit to use in Razer's store.[1]

Critics quickly noted that:

  • Each unit of Razer Silver expires after 12 months.
  • The cost of electricity used for mining could cost three-four times than the value of the store credit. Not to mention devaluing the equipment faster because of increased wear.

Misleading marketing

Razer's official marketing sometimes uses established terms in wrong or ambiguous ways compared to established convention within the industry.

Razer Ornata

A keyboard marketed as mecha-membrane, as the "best of both worlds" of mechanical and [rubber dome]. It is in fact a rubber dome keyboard with dedicated clickers to only make additional noise like clicky mechanical keyboards.

Razer Synapse



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