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Retr0bright (spelled in leet with zero instead of the letter O) is a recipe of household chemicals to create a solution for bleaching yellowed plastic. The active ingredients are hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and TAED. TAED helps hydrogen peroxide work in lower temperatures. It should be activated with ultraviolet light, which is a component of sunlight.

Retr0bright can be a liquid solution or made into a gel.


Hydrogen peroxide is a corrosive chemical and it must not be spilled on the skin or get into the eyes or it could cause serious damage.


Most types of bleaching products that contain hydrogen peroxide (or a compound that becomes it in water) and TAED should work, provided that it is concentrated enough.

Some alternatives that have been tried are:

  • OxyClean in twice the concentration on the package. (liquid)
  • 40 vol creme developer from Sally's Beauty Supply


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