Round 6

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Doubleshot Replacements Round 6
Organiser(s) 7bit
Type Keycaps
Status active
Manufacturer Signature Plastics
Keycap mounts Cherry MX
Keycap profiles Spherical
Interest check 2014-09-22
Opened 2014-09-23
Orders locked 2015-12-09
Order deadline 2015-12-29
Production 2016-01..11 (phase 1), 2017-09..11 (phase 2)
Shipped on 2016-12..02 (phase 1), 2017-12..2018-07 (phase 2)
Follows Round 4 and Round 5
Precedes Round 7

This groupbuy contains spherical key caps in color schemes that were available in Round 4 and 5. New in this round are violett and cream keys.

Photos of Round 5 caps can be found in the Cappening thread. Photos of Round 4 are here.

This page shows everything that was available in this group buy.

Please look at this list to see what is still available:

            Round 5 Leftovers for sale!

To the list of available kits: HoneyB kits

Spherical key caps from Signature Plastics (SA-family for Cherry MX) are available in the following colors:

  • NN/WFK black on white (Round5/HONEY)
  • WFK/GPA white on grey (Round5/HONEY)
  • WFK/RAS white on red (Round5/HONEY)
  • WFK/NN white on black (Round5/HONEY)
  • WV/GD white on grey (Round4/SPH)
  • WV/BFP white on blue (Round4/SPH)
  • WV/RDE white on violet (Round4/SPH)
  • RDE/WV violet on white (Round4/SPH)


  • Please ask questions in the Round 5 thread or pm 7bit.
  • Quick start:
    Send a message to 7bot with the list of what you want.
  • Sample order:
Walter Cherry
Cherrystr. 1
91275 Auerbach/OPf.
CREAM colors (RDE/WV)
CREAM colors (RDE/WV)

New SHIFT legend.


Rolling deadline.

Start (2014-09-22)

The madness started on 22 September 2014.

Jumping off (2015-12-08)

Deadline for clearing your order is 2015-12-08. After that date, you can't clear your order anymore! :o

Fixing quantities (2015-12-29)

Deadline for fixing quantities of keys ordered from Signature Plastics. Some kits might be sold out immediately after this date! :shock:

Ordering something

You can order until everything is sold out!


The original plan was that production will happen during January, February and March 2016. In reality, production started in May and because some legends were done wrong, continued during June and will end in August (phase 1). The rest (phase 2) will be produced in November/December 2016.


These kits ship separate from the Round 5 order. Ordering any of these will not delay the Round 5 shipping.

Shipping costs will be the same as Round 5 and entirely free should replacements be sent to you.

If you want combined shipping with Round 5 leftovers, just order the HONEYB kit, be sending a pm to 7bot:


How to order

Ordering is very simple:

  • Send a message to 7bot

Address format (ADDRESS)

postcode town

Please, don't forget your name and don't use too many lines and don't write everything in one line!!!

If you leave away the name, your order might come back and you will be responsible for paying again for shipping! :shock:

Example orders

Walter Cherry
Cherrystr. 1
91275 Auerbach/OPf.

Walter Cherry
1800 Cherry Road
Switch City, MX 11900

Example (How to order more)

You want one more HONEYB/ISO/RED and one HONEYB/TKL/CADET kit:


Example (How to delete an item :-( )

You want to remove all STANDARD kits and all SPACE625 space bars:


Example (How to delete all items :o)


Example (How to trigger an email with the current status of your order and the group buy)


Example (How to re-submit the address)

D. T. User
7837 Custer School Rd
Custer, WA 98240


From which rows will be the keys?

This is for all color-styles (grey/white, red or black/red).

HONEY Sample layout to show the key profiles.

Does any space bar fit?

Just look at Space or Space by keyboard.

I've sent the order but don't get anything!

You need to submit your e-mail address in the message to the bot.

It must be just the e-mail address in a single line:

These are all wrong:
Please send my invoice to
My PayPal e-mail is

I've sent the e-mail address as decribed above, but still nothing!

When sending a pm, you need to hit Submit a 2nd time once the preview shows up.

Still nothing!!!

Most likely, the bot is asleep or your invoice got caught by spam filters. Send a pm to 7bit.

My address is missing some lines!

You maybe submitted your address with a blank line, like this:

Walter Cherry
1600HAP Cherry drive

Cherry City, MX 11900

If you want a blank line, use the \ character.

Walter Cherry
1600HAP Cherry drive
Cherry City, MX 11900

Or just without a blank line (recommended):

Walter Cherry
1600HAP Cherry drive
Cherry City, MX 11900

Do I need to specify my name and country?

Yes, both please!

Some people omit their name. If you are really sure it will arrive without a name, then just leave it away.

For country: It is required to generate the customs stickers, so it is nice to have the country in a machine readable form. The easiest is to use the 2 digit ISO-country code, or just the name like USA, Germany or Korea.

It is helpful if the country comes last in a single line.

Do I need to send my e-mail or ADDRESS every time?

No, just once or if you want to change it.

How do I pay?

Simple, just follow the instrucuion the bot gives you in the invoice.

  • You can pay via SEPA bank transfer in EUR (EU minus UK plus Norway and Switzerland only)!
  • You can pay via Google Wallet (USA only)
  • You can pay via PayPal (not recommended, but currently the only method for non-EU and non US-people)

SEPA in EUR (Europe only)

You can pay in EUR! If your currency is the EUR or is tied to the EUR or is not much volatile against the EUR and you can pay via SEPA money transfer, you should use this method!

My exchange rates are way better what PayPal or your credit card provider offer you!

If you are from Switzerland, please be aware of currency exchange fees, usually 10 EUR that my bank is charging me.

Please add as text your invoice number and username. Example:

R5 0987 username

Google Wallet in USD (USA only)

If you are in the USA, you can pay via Google Wallet. It is not as evil as EvilPay and no extra fees are added to your invoice.

Please add as text your invoice number and username. Example:

R5 0987 username

PayPal in USD (World, not recommended for USA or EU)

If you are not in the USA and not in a SEPA capable country, you can pay via PayPal.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: choose "For goods and services"
Step 2: enter e-mail address to whom you pay / enter your invoice number and username (R5 0987 username). Currency is always USD!!!!
Step 3: choose payment method and enter invoice number and username again (R5 0987 username)

Round 6 HoneyG Kits 1

Round 6 HoneyG Kits 2