Round 7

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Doubleshot Replacements Round 7
R7 wiki title 560.png
Organiser(s) 7bit
Type Keycaps
Status planning
Manufacturer Signature Plastics
Keycap mounts Cherry MX
Keycap profiles Spherical
Interest check 2016-02-02
Opened 2016-09-12
Orders locked really soon!
Order deadline really soon!
Production really soon!
Shipped on really soon!
Follows Round 6
Precedes Round 8

This groupbuy is for spherical key caps in a new color scheme.

Colors will be grey, red, green, blue, violett on cream,
plus cream on grey, red, green, blue, violett.

Production will be separate for each color and will start with the most successful color, once there are enough orders.

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