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SGI Bigfoot series
SGI 9500829 -- top.jpg
Part number 9500801
9500900 "Granite"
Branding Silicon Graphics
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Product family Alps Bigfoot
Layouts 101-key ANSI, 102-key ISO
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Cream Damped, Alps SKCM Black, Alps SKCM White Damped
Keycaps Dye-sublimated cylindrical
Interface SGI (9500801, 041-0136-001), PS/2 (others)

SGI Bigfoot series is a series of Silicon Graphics (also called SGI) Alps Bigfoot keyboards with Alps SKCL/SKCM series switches. The best known of these keyboards in the West is 9500900, known as the SGI Granite keyboard for its distinctive granite-pattern case. Part number 041-0136-001 also has a granite case, but it is not PS/2.


SGI Bigfoot keyboards were made for SGI's UNIX workstations, and most of them have PS/2 support. SGI Granite keyboards in particular are typically found with Alps SKCM Cream Damped switches, but Alps SKCM White Damped switches were also used in some of the models. Alps SKCM Black switches have also been noted in the SGI Bigfoot series.

The models with later part numbers have the subtle function key reference strip ridge above the function keys; older models omit this.

Some models are labelled "U.S. AT-101 Keyboard" (or similar) on the rear; this may only apply to the PS/2 versions.

SGI Granite

"SGI Granite" refers to the model with part number 9500900, which is one of the PS/2 models. There is also an SGI-protocol model with a granite case.

The "Granite" keyboard was phased out from SGI's product line and replaced by a version of the NMB RT6856T. That keyboard also has a granite-pattern case, but it is a rubber dome keyboard. Collectors do not often use the name "SGI Granite" for this keyboard, but it can often be seen for sale as such. It can be told apart from the mechanical "Granite" by it having a smaller footprint, that the key legends are not in italics and that the cable channel is inside a shelf on the back (not the underside).


All models are US-made and US 101-key ANSI unless otherwise noted. Most of the details below come from Nogujyu Keyboard Mania.[1]

Part number Case Hosts Protocol Switches Notes
9500801 Beige Indigo, Onyx, Crimson SGI Alps SKCM Cream Damped? Cable is removable
9500820 Original Indigo² PS/2
041-0136-001[2] Granite Indigo, Onyx SGI Alps SKCM Cream Damped?
9500829 Beige Indigo² PS/2 Alps SKCM Cream Damped Grey case is rumoured; limited production in Ireland
9500900 Granite Indy PS/2

Alps SKCM Cream Damped (US and Ireland production)
Alps SKCM Black (US production)
Alps SKCM White Damped (US and Taiwan production)

Shell plastic reported to be thinner
9500904 Granite PS/2

Alps SKCM Cream Damped (Ireland production)

Assumed to be the same as the 9500900, but in German 102-key ISO layout ("GERMAN AT-102 Keyboard" on rear label); made in Ireland.[3]


SGI Granite



Part number 041-0136-001 is the other granite-coloured model, which is not PS/2 compatible, and has a slightly different case.


US-made example

Externally, this keyboard is indicated as "Made in USA", while the PCB internally is marked "MADE IN KOREA", possibly by Gold Star Alps; the Western factories likely completed only the final assembly. The chip contains the inscriptions "342-0313 1.0 0300" and "ALPS02104111991" while the PCB is marked "D93.05"; none of these codes are variable as they are completely identical to Scarface's example with a much higher serial number (20144).

Ireland-made example

Related keyboards

SGI-branded NMB RT6856TSF

The SGI Bigfoot keyboards were variations of an OEM design manufactured by Alps often called Alps Bigfoot. The most common of those is the Dell AT101 series which have other types of Alps SKCL/SKCM series switches.

The SGI-branded variation of the NMB RT6856T rubber dome keyboard has a granite-coloured case, but is not called "SGI Granite" keyboard by most collectors.

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