Chicony KB-5981

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Chicony KB-5981
IMG 0614.JPG
Manufacturer Chicony
Features Windows key
Keyswitches SMK Alps mount (clicky)
Cherry MX Clear (tactile)
Aristotle Cherry MX clone[1]
Rubber dome
Interface AT

Chicony KB-5981 is the Windows key version of the Chicony KB-5181.[2] It is notable for possibly being the only Windows Key keyboard with SMK Alps mount "Monterey" switches. It was also made with Cherry MX Clear[Citation needed] and Aristotle Cherry MX clone switches as well as rubber domes.[Citation needed]


Big-ass Enter key with 1u backspace.

Chicony KB-5981 layout is a mix of ISO and ANSI layout with the notable changes are the "backwards-L shaped" enter key more commonly known as "big-ass Enter", the 1u backspace key, and the 1u backslash key.

The KB-5981 appears to also be the basis for the SIIG Supertouch 104[3] (model JK-ALW013[4]).



The case of the Chicony KB-5981 is made from ABS plastic but with some very slight but notable flexing. The top half is screwed on. However the bottom half is clamped on extremely tightly therefore disassembly of the case will likely lead to breaking those clamps.


Chicony KB-5981 comes with thin ABS plastic. "Yellowing" of the keycaps will occur after being exposed to UV light.


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