SMK Alps mount lock

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SMK Alps mount lock
SMK Alps mount lock (AKB II) -- top.jpg
Manufacturer SMK
Family SMK second generation
Switch type Alternate action
Sense method Metal leaf
Total travel 3.5 mm
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

SMK Alps mount lock is the alternate action switch in the SMK second generation series.


The operation is very similar to that of SMK lock, where a swivelling pin follows a track. Where the J-M0404 series version used an external module to house the pin and a track on the slider, the second generation design reverses this: the track is in a separate block, and the pin fits into the slider. The position of the track block inside the switch explains why the left-hand retention clip is offset to the back of the switch.

The pressure spring that supports the follower pin is small, at 4 mm long and 1.38 mm in diameter; this is larger than the equivalent spring in RAFI full-travel key switch, which in RS 74 M is a mere 2.7 mm long.