SMK Cherry MX mount

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SMK Cherry MX mount
SMK G2 MX clicky -- top.jpg
Manufacturer SMK
Family SMK second generation
Switch type Clicky, linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount, PCB mount

SMK Cherry MX mount comprises the Cherry MX mount members of SMK second generation. The clicky switch is frequently confused with the Futaba clicky switch, although they have very little in common.

The switches are branded "SMK" on the bottom. The shell is both plate and PCB mount, with fixing pins present. A diode symbol is always present in the mould, but typically the diode leg holes are absent. Diodes have yet to be seen, but the diode position has been used for jumpers.[1]

SMK Cherry MX mount switches are compatible with Cherry MX plates. They are not compatible with Cherry MX/Alps hybrid plates as the plate retention clips are on the side of the switch rather than the top and bottom as is usual for Cherry MX mount switches.


Colour Type Diode/jumper support
SMK G2 MX clicky -- top.jpg White Clicky No
No photograph.svg White Clicky Yes
SMK G2 MX linear -- top.jpg Orange Linear No


  • Some DTK MBK-1013 (white clicky)
  • Laser or VTCL 2269 (white clicky, with jumpers)[1]
  • DTK SPK-102S (white clicky)
  • Unidentified Laser keyboard (white clicky)[2]
  • Unidentified Laser keyboard (white clicky)[3]
  • Unidentified "PC Partners by Leading Technology, Inc" keyboard (white clicky)[4]


White clicky

Orange linear


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