SMK J-M0404 alternate action

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SMK J-M0404 alternate action
SMK lock -- recognition.jpg
Manufacturer SMK
Family SMK J-M0404 series
Switch type Alternate action
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount

SMK J-M0404 alternate action or SMK lock is a vintage mechanical lock switch in the SMK J-M0404 series. The keystem can be either vertical, or angled.[1] The latching mechanism is enclosed in a containing block that slides into place along slots in the shell; a sprung, turned brass follower in this enclosure engages in a track in the slider.

The switch has "SMK" embossed on the bottom, either in the older SMK diamond logo (below), or the newer logo without the diamond.

No NEC or Maxi Switch variants have been encountered thus far.



The following switches are NOS from Electronic Surplus; no part number is known.


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