SMK J-M0404 illuminated

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SMK J-M0404 illuminated
SMK J-M0404 illuminated.jpg
Manufacturer SMK
Family SMK J-M0404 series?
Switch type Momentary illuminated
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount

SMK J-M0404 illuminated is an incandescent illuminated switch associated with, but not proven to be part of SMK J-M0404 series.


The switch has a small incandescent lamp at the front centre, whose terminals press into tapered recesses into the top of the external light terminals. The slider has a crescent-shaped cut-out to make room for the lamp; as a result, the keystem's front vane is absent. Custom keycaps are required that leave space for the lamp.

Without a specialist tool, the lamp can only be removed by first opening the switch and removing the grip terminals that hold it. Moreover, reinsertion requires inserting the lamp first and then holding it tightly while inserting the grip terminals, otherwise the lamp's own legs will simply buckle. A tool is likely to exist to allow for lamp removal without removing the switch.

The switch has the diamond "SMK" logo embossed on the bottom.

The switch is approximately the same weight as a standard switch.


None to date.


The following switches were sourced from Taobao, of unknown part number or origin. The leg for the movable contact is slightly bent.

Two types of lamps were supplied: red and brown. Red lamps have a short, arch-shaped simple filament. The brown lamps have a tall filament that reaches to the top of the lamp, and there is some kind of complex shape at the apex.


The supplied keycaps are three-piece, with a base, a cover and a light diffuser. Some of the keycaps were provided with a legend ("RESET") printed onto a piece of transparent plastic. These keycaps also fit standard J-M0404 switches.