SMK inverse cross mount

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SMK inverse cross mount
SMK inverse cross mount -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer SMK
Family SMK second generation
Switch type Clicky, tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Total travel 3.8 mm
Keycap mount Custom
Switch mount Plate mount

SMK inverse cross is a member of the SMK second generation family with a characteristic negative cruciform mount. The cross is taller than it is wide, requiring custom keycaps. Keycap removal and insertion is unusually easy; keycaps can be removed using finger pressure alone.

Unique among SMK switches, the characteristic inverse cross variant supports diodes and jumpers by way of holes in the base. The shell also makes room for an LED.[1]

The inverse cross variants are branded "SMK" on the base.


The tactile switches are smooth, with a fairly precise tactile point; the feel is similar to Alps SKCM Blue but with reduced tactility. The switch is lighter than Alps SKCM Salmon, and far smoother than bamboo Alps SKCM Black. The switch feels comparatively light, but is likely to be in the region of 60 g.


The colours below are not all confirmed; due the similarities in tone, some apparent colours may be the result of aging plastics. Also, multiple hues and shades can be found in the same keyboard, so the colours may have little meaning.

  White: Tactile
  Yellow: Tactile[2]
  Pink: Tactile[3]
  Grey-pink: Tactile[3]
  Orange: Tactile[3]
  Grey: Tactile[3]
  Brown: Clicky[4]
  Blue: Tactile[5]


The Sony and Tulip keyboards appear to be a standard SMK design, based on the SMK part numbers found on the PCBs.


White (tactile)

From a Tulip ATK 03.01.44 keyboard:

Brown (clicky)

From a Tulip ATK 02.01.01 keyboard:

Tortoiseshell (tactile)

Random colour assortment in a tactile keyboard:[3]


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