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Sasse series 25
Sasse SPST-A2 -- top.jpg
Manufacturer Sasse
Switch type Linear, tactile
Sense method Metal leaf, Hall effect?
Rated lifetime 20M
Total travel 2.5 mm, 4 mm
Keycap mount RAFI mount
Switch mount PCB mount

Sasse series 25 (Baureihe 25) is a series of PCB mount keyboard switches from Sasse.


This switch is compatible with Siemens STB and RAFI RS 76 M. Sasse produced keyboards with this switch underneath Siemens caps (see below). The same combination has been used for the Tiki 100 computer. The designation Sasse 200MN has been copied from the Tiki hardware manual.[1]

Brief details of series 25 were listed on an older version of Sasse's website. The link to this older website was still present on the 7th of June 2003, and had been removed by the 19th of July that year. The last archived copy of the series 25 page was captured on the 2nd of November, and the replacement website no longer included individual keyswitches. The Sasse website depicted these switches both with dual terminals and quad terminals, and the quad terminal version appears to contain a Hall sensor IC (not mentioned in the page text). It appears that a Hall effect sub-series existed.

The switches are designed for a 19.05 × 19.05 mm grid.


Options included:

  • One or two LEDs
  • "Resistance diode" (in German, Sperrdiode)
  • Tactile (German, Druckpunkt) and linear
  • Nine different contact arrangements, including momentary and changeover (German, Umschaltkontakten)

Three observed variants are given below, with codenames standing in for the part numbers.

Codename Branding Mount Slider colour Slide block colour
A1 ? RAFI-like/M8 Black ?
A2 (200MN) None RAFI-like/M8 Black Grey
B1 Sasse RAFI-like/proprietary Cream Black
B2 Sasse RAFI-like/proprietary Red Grey




Combination RAFI-like/Cherry M8-like keycap mount with stabiliser wire support; uses a black slider and grey slide block. The Tiki 100 uses these switches, and the technical manual cites them as 200MN, so this is assumed to be the part number.


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