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주식회사 에스제이케이
SJK Co., Ltd.
Industry Electronics
Founded 1972
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
FCC grantee code GJJ

SJK (as of February 2017), formerly Sejin Electron Inc. (also Se Jin, per the FCC), is a Seoul-based electronic components and switch company, that was spun off from the Futaba Corporation. It is most famous for using the Futaba switches in some of its keyboards. Although re-branded as SJK, the company's website remains at the same address as before.


The relationship between Futaba and Sejin appears to no longer be documented. In January 2017, Sejin's Flash-based site explained:

"Sejin was established in 1972 as a joint venture with Futaba( of Japan. Initially, our task was to supply keyboards, switches and vacuum fluorescent displays to the rapidly modernizing Korean high-tech industries."

Sejin's site also noted that in June 1973, they "Started Keyboard S/W production and Export". This entry remains (in Korean) on their new website, but the new site does not mention Futaba in the company timeline.

Futaba's website previously noted that, in 1991, "Manufacture of keyboards and related components transferred to Sejin Electron Inc."[1] By January 2017 this entry was deleted.

Model numbers

It has been suggested that model numbers starting "SKM" denote mechanical keyboards, while model numbers starting "SKR" denote rubber dome over membrane keyboards.[2]

Evidence cited in favour of this argument is a model listing, where several designs are offered in both "Mechanical Click and Quiet Tactile Membrane Technology" versions and have matching SKM and SKR model numbers.[3] The model numbers are not directly related to the switch technology, but later, obviously rubber dome keyboards were shown as all being "SKR" models.[4]

The controversial SKM-1040 left-handed keyboard—reported to be linear—is not mentioned.



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