Sejin Electron EAT-1010

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Sejin Electron EAT-1010
Sejin Electron EAT-1010 -- top.jpg
FCC ID GJJ4AKEAT-1010BS (1993, ANSI 101) GJJSKM-1030BS (1994, Asian 101)
Manufacturer Sejin Electron
Layouts Asian 101 ANSI ISO
Keyswitches Futaba MA series
Interface 5-pin DIN AT keyboard interface
Dimensions 473 × 197 × 42 mm
Weight 1.53 kg

EAT-1010 is a keyboard from Sejin Electron.


The EAT-1010 series of keyboards feature white Futaba MA series clicky switches with inverse cross mount, with a single heavier dark grey Futaba switch for the space bar featuring ABS doubleshot keycaps. The switches are held in a steel mounting plate, and the entire keyboard is housed in an ABS plastic case. Most examples of these often bear the branding of companies including but not limited to Hyundai, Samsung, and Daewoo.


Hyundai-branded example. The case retains the XT/AT switch aperture underneath one of the feet, but this is no longer in use.

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