Sharp X68000

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Sharp X68000
Branding SHARP
Layouts JIS
Keyswitches Alps SKCL Green
Alps SKCL Yellow
NMB dome with slider
Interface Mini-DIN-7
Weight Varies
Introduced 1987

Sharp X68000 is a family of personal computers designed by Sharp. The computers were widely used as gaming consoles due to the many arcade games ported to the system at the time. The OS designed for the systems is Human68k, though NetBSD and OS9 can also be installed to them. The systems commonly came equipped with Alps SKCL Green or Alps SKCL Yellow switches, leading to their presence in the keyboard community. In addition, the keycaps are doubleshot on Alps boards, though a different printing method was used on the NMB version.

There were several lines of computers in the X68000 family, though the three primary series were X68000, X68000 Compact, and X68030, which came later.


Although many X68000 keyboards use Alps switches, other switch types also exist, such as NMB dome with slider. Known models of the keyboards and switches are:



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