Siemens Nixdorf 97371-132

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Siemens Nixdorf 97371-132
Model no. 97371-132
Manufacturer Siemens Nixdorf
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Interface AT
Dimensions 47 x 22 x 4 (6.5 feet extended) cm


The Siemens Nixdorf 97371-132 - product number S26381-K99-V120 - is one of a series of very similar keyboards of Siemens Nixdorf and Siemens. This variant of the family was perhaps intended for use with a 97801 terminal - the "compose" and "menu" keys suggest so. Notably it sports a whopping 118 keys. It uses a standard 5-pin DIN connector and the AT protocol, although a standard active PS/2-USB converter doesn't map all keys to USB.

The keyboard module is mounted inside a snap-in case, which does not need any screws whatsoever. The PCB is glued in.