Signature Plastics DSA family

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Signature Plastics DSA family
Manufacturer Signature Plastics
Height profile All 0.291"
Surface profile Cylindrical
Inscriptions Double-shot (ABS)
Material ABS, PBT
Keycap mounts Cherry MX mount, and others
Wall thickness 1 mm

The DSA-family is a medium-height spherical keycap family offered by Signature Plastics. "DSA" denotes DIN standard height, spherical touch area, and the same keycap profile across all rows. DSA was Comptec's second DIN-compliant keycap family after the unsuccessful DSS family, and it was followed shortly afterwards by DCS.[1]

The family is flat with all keycaps the same height. The keycaps are 0.291" (7.39 mm), the same height as the home row of the OEM profile. Homing keys with either homing bumps or a deep dish are available as well as a 1×1 relegendable keys and several space bars.

Signature Plastics DSA profile.svg

Several different switch mounts are available. ISO Return keys are not available.

Several group orders have been done by enthusiasts for keys with Cherry MX mount. It has been popular because of its "retro" look and that the single height (lack of contour) allows for more layout options. Individual sets can also be ordered from Signature Plastics' site Keycaps Direct.


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