Simplified Alps Type III

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Simplified Alps Type III
Manufacturer Unknown
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Simplified Alps Type III is a switch that combines Hua-Jie AK series-style internals with what appear to be genuine Alps shells. The switch shell resembles that of genuine Alps SKCM Blue, including the long side tabs, but some of the numbering is missing. Since complicated Alps shells cannot support simplified mechanisms, the switch contains a small support frame to hold the contact plates apart; the frame has approximately the same overall thickness as the switchplate that would normally be present.

One suggestion was that the shells were stolen rejects from a factory producing genuine Alps switches. Switches that appear to be genuine white Alps have since been found with these same unbranded, incompletely-numbered upper shells, in the DSI Modular Pro keyboard. Dates in the Modular Pro keyboard are all from mid 1990. Webwit's Datacomp DFK191A301 also appears to have these erroneous switches.[1] As a note, the varying orientation of the circled numbers suggests that these positions are batch numbers using drop-in cylinders, similar to the date wheels found in keyboard case moulds. The reason for the missing numbers is not clear.

The switch also has an uncharacteristic vivid blue slider, only otherwise found in Taiwan Tai-Hao APC series switches.

This switch is only known to exist in the Focus FK-2001 keyboard. Type OA1 previously referred to type "OA1" as being Simplified Alps Type III. It has since been determined to be a similar, but distinct and potentially unrelated switch. The key difference between the two is that Simplified Alps Type III appears to use real Alps shells, while Type OA1 has custom-moulded replica shells with integrated support for clone switch contacts, with no need for a support frame.