Sony BKE-2011

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Sony BKE-2011 Editing Keyboard
Sony BKE-2011 - Front.JPG
Part number BKE-2011
Branding Sony, Topre (on PCB)
Manufacturer Topre, Sony
Layouts Custom 97-key
Keyswitches Topre Switches
Keycaps Dye-sublimated PBT
Interface Proprietary
Weight 2915 g (without cable)


The Sony BKE-2011 Editing Keyboard is the keyboard used on the Sony BVE-2000 linear edit system, and possibly others. While it does employ Topre switches, it is likely that the keyboard itself is not assembled by Topre.

The Sony BKE-2011 is unusual in that it uses a conductive rubber contact mechanism instead of the standard Topre capacitive switch.


In addition to the Topre PCB, the internals contain Sony branded PCBs and electronics. Unlike the all metal construction used on the Sony BKE-9400A, the face of the BKE-2011 enclosure is made of plastic, with only the bottom section being made of metal. There is also no integrated wrist-rest, no height-adjustable feet and only a single 15-pin connector on the back (as opposed to the 'AUX IN', 'AUX DC IN' and 'REMOTE OUT' connectors on the BKE-9400A). More details on the BKE-2011 can be found on the Topre OEM Keyboards page.