Sony BKE-9400A

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Sony BKE-9400A Editing Keyboard
Sony BKE-9400A - Front.JPG
Part number BKE-9400A
Branding Sony, Topre (on PCB)
Manufacturer Topre, Sony
Layouts 129-key
Keyswitches Topre Switches
Keycaps Dye-sublimated PBT
Interface Proprietary
Weight ~5100g (without cable)


The Sony BKE-9400A Editing Keyboard is the keyboard used on the Sony BVE-9100 linear edit system. While it does employ Topre switches, it is likely that the keyboard itself is not assembled by Topre.


In addition to the Topre PCB, the internals contain Sony branded PCBs and electronics. The enclosure is made of metal which has had a powder coat applied. Most examples seen today have at least a few areas on the board where this coating has worn away. The built-in wrist rest appears to be made of foam, with a thin adhesive applied over the top to give it a leather appearance. This coating is also not very durable and many BKE-9400A keyboards will have damaged areas on the wrist rest also. There are height-adjustable feet underneath and round rubber tabs on the front edge to prevent slippage. The entire unit weighs just over 5 kilograms.