Sony PCY-333

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Sony PCY-333
Model no. PCY-333
Branding Sony
Manufacturer SMK
Keyswitches SMK inverse cross mount, tactile

Sony PCY-333 is a keyboard manufactured by SMK for Sony's Quarter L series of IBM-compatible personal computers.


The keyboard is based on the SMK second generation platform. Unlike the Tulip SMK series, the keycaps are not double-shot, and there is no DIP switch block. The hole and mounting standoffs for the DIP switch PCB are nonetheless present.

The keyboard uses SMK inverse cross mount switches, either yellow, or beige.

Unusually for a plate-mounted keyboard, the steel plate is not painted. This is common to this family of SMK keyboards.



Yellow SMK switches, with PCB legend:[1]

401KBM-087-02R Ⓑ

This board is intended for the later Quarter L machines with DOS/V support.


The keyboard has also been found devoid of branding and lacking "DOSV" on the PCB.[2] The nature of this particular board is not known.

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