Stackpole discrete switch

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Stackpole discrete switch
Stackpole discreet overhead angled.JPG
Manufacturer Stackpole
Switch type Linear
Switch mount PCB mount
Patents US3767878 (1972)
US3924089 (1974)
US4119821 (1977)

Stackpole discrete switch is a provisional name for a low-profile cruciform-mount keyboard switch from Stackpole.

A patent for the switch was filed in 1972. A later patent was filed in 1974 which introduced a revision to the switch: the ends of the horizontal spring—used as a bridging electrical contact—were capped with conductive silicone rubber to provide for increased longevity.


  • Some Atari 800 computers, used for the special keys on the right (not confirmed)


Pictures of the Stackpole discreet key switches. These are odd in that these switches are oblong so there is a short side and a long side.

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