SteelSeries QS1

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SteelSeries QS1
SteelSeries QS1 -- top.jpg
Manufacturer Kaihua
Introduced 2015
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime Unspecified
Actuation force 45g
Pretravel 1.5 mm
Total travel 3 mm
Keycap mount Proprietary (snap-on)
Switch mount Plate mount, PCB mount

The SteelSeries QS1 Gaming Switch is a low-profile mechanical key switch for SteelSeries manufactured by Kaihua ("Kailh"). The transparent switch top is branded SteelSeries" and "Kailh" in writing barely visible with the naked eye. It seems to be based on the Kaihua PG158301D01 RGB.[1]


RGB illumination is provided by way of an integrated 5 mm RGB LED, contrasting with the light guide used by the Logitech Romer-G switch. As with the Romer-G, the centrally-placed light source is intended to provide more even backlighting than with an offset LED whose light is blocked by the slider.

QS1 is fairly compact; the shell is 8.3 mm tall, which is notably smaller than Romer-G (10.5 mm) and Cherry MX (11 mm). Kaihua cite PG158301D01 as having a shell 10.83 mm tall, and PG159301D01 as having a shell 10.93 mm tall, but these dimensions do not match their own diagram and appear to be in error. Their diagram cites 10.95 mm to the top of the slider, which is correct for QS1. Kaihua also cite operating forces of 50 gf and 60 gf, while SteelSeries cite 45 cN (approximately 45 cN) actuation.

The compact dimensions and integrated LED pose interesting challenges for switch design. The resulting design has two small cutouts at the front of the lid to allow the slider to engage the switch contacts, where the lid would otherwise form a barrier between the slider and contacts.

The slider has a small slit on either side to allow the keycap to snap into place. The keycap mount is proprietary and QS1 switches require their own keycaps.

The sides of the movable contact, where the slider ramps engage the contact, are lubricated.



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