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Strong Man Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Industry Peripherals
Defunct ~2008
Headquarters Taiwan
FCC grantee code KM9

Strong Man was a Taiwanese OEM manufacturer of keyboards who specialised in the Apple Macintosh. The Strong Man website referred to the company as "Strong Man Enterprise Co., Ltd." ("Enterprises" according to the FCC), but some keyboards use "Strong Man Electronics Co., Ltd."[1]

Strong Man produced keyboards for both Diatec and DSI. Early Filco-brand keyboards (those with short model numbers such as FKB-101EB) were typically produced by Strong Man. After Strong Man closed down, Diatec switched to Costar; Costar-made keyboards form the Majestouch and Zero ranges. The Strong Man–manufactured Filco keyboards tend to have compact, horizontally inset function key rows.

Current evidence suggests that Strong Man did not make their own keyswitches, despite their claims to the contrary.

Strong Man product codes began with "SMK"; as such, Strong Man should not be confused with the Japanese manufacturer SMK.

The Strong Man website disappeared in 2008.



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