Strong Man KB-8861

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Strong Man KB-8861
FCC ID KM988KKB8861 (not on record)
Branding Various
Manufacturer Strong Man
Keyswitches Alps SKBM Grey
Cherry MX Black
Precedes Datacomp left-handed keyboard

KB-8861 refers to at least two designs of keyboard from Strong Man, which share a common, unlisted FCC ID. All variants use a Big-Ass Enter key and single-unit backspace key.



A standard layout keyboard. An example of this has been found with Alps SKBM Grey switches; it also features a cable channel.[1]


The left-handed version of this keyboard may be the best-known left-handed product on the market. The alphanumeric cluster, navigation cluster and numeric keypad are arranged in reverse order.

An example of this has been found with Cherry MX Black switches, Windows keys, and a USB cable. The Strong Man version is unbranded.

After Strong Man went out of business, DSI moved the tooling for this keyboard to Datacomp, who continue to produce this model as the Datacomp left-handed keyboard both for DSI and as an unbranded product.


Left-handed version