Strong Man SMK-88

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SMK-88 front.jpeg
Part number SMK-88EM/JM
Branding Mac/PC mini PRO
Manufacturer Strong Man
Product family Compact
Layouts compact, ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry MX switches
Interface USB
Years of production 1993-2008
Precedes DSI Modular Mac
Price ~ $50-100


The SMK-88 is is an out-of-production compact computer keyboard, built primarily for the Mac that also works with Windows (Windows 95 through Windows 7) and Sun. It was manufactured by Strong Man primarily for DSI. The keyboard is also known by several other names or spellings, such as, SMK88, Sun 88, MAC/PC mini PRO, DSI Mac Mini, Mac Mini Keyboard, and so on.


Having an extra (dedicated) media keys column, the SMK-88 doesn't exactly fit the 75% keyboard category although it's closest to it in size and functionality. Historically, that dedicated media keys column moved from the keyboard's right side to the most left column of keys on the keyboard around 2007. The move caused difficulties for many users to mistake the media keys for the modifiers while typing. The "successor" keyboard, DSI Modular Mac, continued with the same layout.

FCC ID# confusion

The SMK-88 back plate contains this FCC ID: KM988KKB8861 -- this is a wrong FCC ID and it doesn't exist in FCC ID database. Interestingly, the same wrong (nonexistent) FCC ID is on the back plate of Strong Man KB-8861. The correct FCC ID for the SMK-88 is KM988KKB88.


All SMK-88 keyboards come with Cherry MX switches. Most frequently used was the linear black switches, followed by the clicky blue switches.

Full specs

Model name: SMK-88
Model #: SMK-88EM/JM
Switch name: Cherry MX
Dimensions: 336 x 143 x 25 mm / 13.25 x 5.6 x 1 inches
Weight: 907 g / 2 lbs
Case/keycaps colour: White/white
Keycap mount: Cherry MX mount
Interface: PS/2, usually USB
Cable: fixed (1372 mm / 54 inches)
splits into 2 USB connectors
USB connectors "Silver" USB 1.1 for keyboard functionality
"Gold" USB 2.0 for the pass-through port
Buily-in USB ports: 1 pass-through port
Media control keys: Yes (dedicated)
Embedded numpad: Yes (Fn + F7)
DIP switch: No
Backlit: No
Included: none; plain unbranded OEM box
Full OS support: Mac, Windows
Compatible with: Sun


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