Sun Compact 1

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Sun Compact 1
Branding Sun Microsystems
Manufacturer Key Tronic
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Interface Sun proprietary
Years of production ~1994 confirmed

The Sun Compact 1 is a tenkeyless keyboard for Sun Microsystems' SparcStation line of Unix workstations.

The keyboard was sold together with the compact all-in-one SparcStation Voyager. Because this was considered a semi-portable system (could be battery operated), the keyboard was paired with a ball mouse instead of Sun's standard optical that required a special mouse pad. [1]

It was made by Key Tronic and styled the same as the full-size Sun Type 5 which instead had been made by Fujitsu. Like the full-size Sun keyboards, there is a function key cluster on the left side. A "Num Lock" key activates a numeric keypad embedded in the alphanumeric section

All keys but those in the centre alphanumeric cluster are smaller than standard. The four media and power keys (which the full-size keyboards have above the numeric keypad) are squeezed together with Escape and the twelve function keys.

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