Sun Type 6

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Sun Type 6
Sun Type 6 grey.jpg
Branding Sun Microsystems
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Interface Sun proprietary,
USB (later model)

The Sun Type 6 is a keyboard that was made for Sun. It is the successor of Sun Type 5 and the predecessor of Sun Type 7.


The keyboard uses standard Fujitsu rubber domes on a curved backplane.

The keyboard was available in two colours - light grey with purple, and light grey. All keys do not have the same hue: modifiers are in the same light grey tone as the case while the alphanumeric keys are white.


To the left side, there is a cluster of named function keys:

Stop Again
Props Undo
Front Copy
Open Paste
Find Cut

The space bar row takes one of these forms:

Control Alt Meta Meta Com­pose Alt Graph
Caps Lock Alt Meta Meta Com­pose Alt Graph

Cable and protocol

The Sun Type 6 has a fixed cable and the underside has cable channels for both cables going to the left and right. Earlier examples use Sun's proprietary mini-DIN interface, but Sun later introduced USB on their workstations and servers.