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Use the following diagrams to select the type of keycap mount that your keyboard uses. From there, visit the appropriate switch recognition guide to identify the switch in question. Slider and keycap shape varies; the important shapes and dimensions are given in bold strokes, and holes are shaded.

Dimensions given are approximate.

Keycap mount recognition--Z.svg Alps mount
Slider has a slot around 4.6 mm × 2.3 mm and the keycap peg is around 4.5 × 2.2 mm; the keycap peg often contains an inner hole
See: Alps mount recognition

Rectangular slot of other dimensions
See: Other mount recognition
Keycap mount recognition--U.svg Cherry MX mount
Slider has 4 mm wide cross with 1 mm wide (1.5 mm long) arms
See: Cherry MX mount recognition

Generic cross
Other sizes and shapes
See: Generic cross mount recognition
Keycap mount recognition--Inverse cross.svg Inverse cross
Cross-shaped peg within the keycap, cross-shaped hole in the slider
See: Inverse cross mount recognition
Keycap mount recognition--Q mount.svg Square post
Slider is (when viewed from the top) a solid post with a square cross section
See: Square post mount recognition
Keycap mount recognition--H mount.svg Hollow square
Slider contains a square hole; actual slider shape varies
See: Hollow square mount recognition
Keycap mount recognition--other.svg Other
Switch mounts that are unique or uncommon
See: Other mount recognition

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