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TEC switch refers to one or more types of switch bearing "TEC" branding; these switches bear a very strong resemblance to KPT switches and quite possibly originated from the same factory.

While "KPT" is assumed to refer to "Keypot Technology" (KPT), no explanation to date has been found for "TEC".


Versions with white and yellow sliders exist. Within the Brain KB-9001S, white slider switches are used for most keys, with space and return being the known exceptions.[1] One could surmise that these switches have a higher weight.

Comparison with KPT

alps.tw Type OB1 (as depicted below) is virtually identical to a KPT rectangular slider switch, with the following exceptions:

  • Base has "TEC" instead of "KPT"; the base branding and numbering is otherwise identical in typeface and style
  • Top is unbranded and has a different numbering typeface
  • Raised plastic area on the base around the legs is rectangular instead of crenellated
  • Two separate lugs on the underside of the top, instead of a single "["-shaped lug
  • Yellow and white sliders, instead of blue




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