TTC KS4A series

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TTC KS4A series
Manufacturer TTC
Family KS4A
Switch type Clicky, tactile, linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 50M
Pretravel 2.0±0.5 mm, 2.2±0.5 mm
Total travel 4.0±0.3 mm
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

KS4A series is a Cherry MX clone series from TTC. It replaced TTC KS4 series.


The examples below all accept RGB LEDs for full-colour backlighting.

Colour Type Preload Pretravel Operating force Tactile point Tactile force Part number
No photograph.svg Black Linear 30 gf min 2.0±0.5 mm 60±15 gf KS4A-BBD0B-500
No photograph.svg Yellow Linear 25 gf min 2.0±0.5 mm 50±15 gf KS4A-YBD0B-500
No photograph.svg Red Linear 25 gf min 2.0±0.5 mm 45±15 gf KS4A-RBD0B-500
No photograph.svg Brown Tactile 30 gf min 2.0±0.5 mm 45±15 gf 1.25 mm 55±15 gf KS4A-DBD0B-500
No photograph.svg Blue Clicky 25 gf min 2.2±0.5 mm 50±15 gf 1.5 mm 60±15 gf KS4A-CBD0B-500
No photograph.svg Green Clicky 25 gf min 2.2±0.5 mm 70±15 gf 1.5 mm 80±15 gf KS4A-DCBD0B-500