TTC KS4 series

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TTC KS4 series
Trantek KS4.jpg
Manufacturer TTC
Family KS4
Switch type Clicky, tactile, linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

KS4 series is a Cherry MX clone series from TTC. It has been superseded by TTC KS4A series.


The examples below all accept RGB LEDs for full-colour backlighting.

Colour Type Operating force Part number
Trantek KS4 Black.jpg Black Linear 60±15 gf KS4-BBK15-00
Trantek KS4 Yellow.jpg Yellow Linear 50±15 gf KS4-BYE15-00
Trantek KS4 Red.jpg Red Linear 45±15 gf KS4-BRD15-00
Trantek KS4 Blue.jpg Blue Clicky 60±15 gf KS4-BCY15-00
Trantek KS4 Brown.jpg Brown Tactile 45±15 gf KS4-BBR15-00