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Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Industry Peripherals
Founded 1962
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
FCC grantee code GOG
Website www.tai-hao.com

Tai-Hao, or Taiwan Tai-Hao (Chinese: 台灣太豪企業股份有限公司 – Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd.) (tie-how) is a Taiwanese peripherals manufacturer. They are a keyboard OEM, as well as a manufacturer of Alps clone switches and double-shot keycaps. Other products include mice and card readers.


Tai-Hao have several sub-brands for their keyboard products:


According to Tai-Hao, Fame was not a Tai-Hao brand. However, many older keyboards (especially Tai-Hao TH-5539 models) are marked "Fame" as though Fame were a Tai-Hao brand.


Aruz is an official Tai-Hao brand. It is only known for the Tai-Hao Aruz switch.


The APC brand was used on early Tai-Hao APC series switches, but for many years APC switches have gone unbranded. The APC brand also appears on keyboards.


Softkey is a brand used on keyboards. Generally Softkey (or "SOFT KEY KEYBOARD") is printed unceremoniously on the label on keyboards in the 90s and 2000s. Softkey keyboards tend to have serial numbers beginning with "SOFTCAP".


Clicker is a current brand, found on keyboards, mice and card readers and used also for after-market keycaps. Keyboards sold under this brand may have serial numbers beginning with "CLICKER".



Tai-Hao manufacture keyboards under the Clicker brand, as well as OEM products for brands such as Azio. Tai-Hao manufacturer keyboards with their own switches, as well as Cherry MX switches and membrane switches.

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Tai-Hao are a long-standing manufacturer of Alps clone switches, although their various switch types are not especially prominent in the West. Their switch and keyboard market is likely to be Asia.

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Tai-Hao are a prominent keycap manufacturer. They have retained their tooling and still manufacture TI series double-shot keycaps to the same design today as they were producing in the early 90s. This has been complemented by newer keycap series.


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