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Taiwan Tai-Hao Ent. Co, Ltd.
Industry Peripherals
Founded 1962
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
FCC grantee code GOG
Website www.tai-hao.com

Tai-Hao, or Taiwan Tai-Hao (Chinese: 台灣太豪企業股份有限公司 – Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd.) (tie-how) is a Taiwanese peripherals manufacturer. They are a keyboard OEM, as well as a manufacturer of Alps clone switches and double-shot keycaps.



Tai-Hao manufacture keyboards under the Clicker brand, as well as OEM products for brands such as Azio. Tai-Hao manufacturer keyboards with their own switches, as well as Cherry MX switches and membrane switches.

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Tai-Hao are a long-standing manufacturer of Alps clone switches, although their various switch types are not especially prominent in the West. Their switch and keyboard market is likely to be Asia. The spring-over-membrane switches are the more likely variety to be found in the West.

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Tai-Hao were a major keycap manufacturer, supplying double-shot keycaps to many keyboard manufacturers including Focus Electronic, Northgate Computer Systems, and Oriental Tech. They have retained their tooling and still manufacture double-shot keycaps to the same design today.


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