Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical

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Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical
APC membrane switch (Type II) - slider and housing close up.jpg
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Spring over membrane
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Integrated

The Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical switch is Tai-Hao's cheaper alternative to their discrete APC series mechanical switch.


The design is similar to an Acer switch, but perhaps uniquely, there are two leaf springs instead of the usual one, on either side of the slider. Pressure against the three-layer membrane is provided by a helical spring.

Unlike Acer keyboards, where the upper shell is case-mounted and every switch can be removed, the upper shell of APC semi-mechanical switches is moulded as part of the keyboard itself.


Two click leaves

Both leaves are identical, silver-coloured wide click leaves.[1]

Click and tactile leaves

Likely to be a later model, introduced after the advent of the narrow copper click leaf, this variant only has one click leaf, of the narrow variety, in copper colour. The other leaf is a wide tactile leaf, also copper-coloured.[2][3]

Another variant uses metal coloured click leaf instead of copper click leaf.[4][5]



Due to the usage of sharing multiple variants within possibly the same model numbers it will be split into three different sets of galleries from various sources in order to prevent confusion.

Type I (Double metal leaf variant used within one keyboard)[1]

This variant is currently found on CLICKER Patent Approved Germany No. G71960E.

Type II (Mixed single narrow and single wide copper leaf variant)[2][6]

This variant was found on two keyboards with different case designs.

Type III (Single metal leaf variant)[5]

This is another variant which was also found on two keyboards with different case designs.

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