Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical keyboard

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Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical keyboard
  • GOGAPC-21
  • GOG3YL
Branding Clicker
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Layouts Chinese (big-ass Enter)
Keyswitches Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical
Interface XT/AT switchable DIN connector

The Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical keyboard is Tai-Hao's cheaper alternative to their discrete APC series of mechanical keyboards.


APC Clicker keyboards are full sized keyboards manufactured by Tai-Hao (allegedly trading under the name as APC instead of Tai-Hao)[1]. One of the evident features is that on one side of the keyboard, the keyboard bears the name "CLICKER" whilst on the other side of the keyboard, the logo shows that it is "APC" and there are no other identifying marks on the same side to indicate that it is "CLICKER".

Little is known between the keyboards bearing the same brand and model, as they were not properly numbered. For instance, F-21 could have been APC membrane switch with either copper or metal leaf spring, and could also have either one or two leaf springs. F-21 and F-21B share the same FCC ID even though they used different kinds of metal leaf springs.

To date it appears that there are less than a handful of variants that are well documented. All of these keyboards have different keyboard case designs whilst sharing the same brand and model name for instance, but many also share the same FCC ID. The layout is available only as Chinese (with big-ass Enter), which loosely follows the idea of ISO layout (sharing the only similarity in having a small sized Backspace key).

Keycap construction is believed to be ABS plastic with double shot.[2]


The keyboard is XT/AT switchable via a switch on the underside of the keyboard. The keyboard is fully usable on a modern PC via a passive 5 pin DIN to PS/2 adapter when AT mode is engaged.


Due to the usage of sharing multiple variants within possibly the same model numbers, this gallery will be split into three different sets of galleries from various sources in order to prevent confusion. Do be aware that these are not in chronological order.

Type I (Double metal leaf variant used within one keyboard)

This variant is currently found on CLICKER Patent Approved Germany No. G71960E.[2]

Type II (Mixed single narrow and single wide copper leaf variant)

This is the only keyboard so far featured to have the said switch setup.[3]

The following gallery is not part of the same one as shown above but it is still a Type II board. The keyboard case is of another design which also shares a type III variant (single metal leaf). Thanks to sandy55 for approving the use of these photos.

Type III (Single metal leaf variant)

APC Clicker keyboard owned by tuxsavvy.[4]

Another variant (as seen on Qwerter's clinic website) may be found here (Japanese only).

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Patent number(s)

  • 73990 — Type III variant.
  • 113286 — Type II variant.
  • G71960E — Type I variant.


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