Tai-Hao APC series

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Tai-Hao APC series
APC switch infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Product code APC BSW family
Introduced 1984 or 1985
Switch type Clicky; tactile; linear
Contact mechanism Metal leaf
Actuation force 45, 55, 65 and 75 cN
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Tai-Hao APC series is a range of Alps clone switches manufactured by Tai-Hao.


APC switches have the same approximate shell design as other four-tab clone switches. Internally they are very similar to other Alps clone switches, with the current generation of switches using the same narrow copper-based click leaf.

According to Taiwan Tai-Hao, the APC switch series was introduced between 1984 and 1985; they are still in production.


Specification for current, unbranded switches:

Bounce time < 10 ms
Total travel 4.5−0.5 mm
Pretravel 2.1±0.5 mm
Operating force 45±10 gf, 55±10 gf, 65±10 gf, 75±10 gf
Lifetime 20 M cycles


Alps clone internals--CP, front, APC.svg

Front contact plate
Square, with one finger, and top and bottom reinforcement recesses; almost identical to that of the Simplified Alps Type IV switch

Alps clone internals--CP, rear, APC newer.svg

Rear contact plate (newer)
Small, no holes, and with the characteristic recess-reinforced leg

Alps clone internals--CL, mantis.svg

Click leaf (newer)
Narrow, copper-coloured "mantis" click leaf

Alps clone internals--CP, rear, APC older.svg

Rear contact plate (older)
Large, no holes, and with the characteristic recess-reinforced leg

Alps clone externals--APC.svg

All APC switches are four-tab clones

NW:A##, or NW:##A[1] (alphanumeric numbering, top-left)

Alps clone internals--APC 3.svg

The lower shell of some more recent switches can be rotated 180°



Branded "APC"; white slider; clicky; extremely similar to the unbranded Type IV simplified with a wide steel click leaf.[2] Likely to be discontinued variants within the APC range.

A Packintell Electronics–branded Key Mouse keyboard registered with the FCC in 1989 has been found with a mixture of branded and unbranded switches, giving a rough idea of when the branding was removed.[3] The keyboard's manufacture date is not known.


These are the production switches. All switches have the typical narrow copper-based click leaf.[4] The only known tactile variant (APC BSW 045WHN) uses a modified click leaf with shallower angles on the hooks to allow the slider to pass without generating a click.

Part number Slider colour Type Force
APC BSW 045WH Blue Clicky 45 cN
APC BSW 045WHN Red Tactile 45 cN
APC BSW 055WH Teal Clicky 55 cN
APC BSW 055WHN Brown Linear 55 cN
APC BSW 065WH White Clicky 65 cN
APC BSW 065WHN Black Linear 65 cN
APC BSW 075WH White Clicky 75 cN
APC BSW 075WHN Black Linear 75 cN


Part number Slider colour Type Force Notes
APC BSW 070WH White Clicky 70 cN
APC BSW 070WHN White? Linear 70 cN Assumed to have existed




BSW 045WHN is a 45 cN tactile switch. Tactility is achieved by straightening the hooks on the click leaf, such that the slider passes it without pulling it forward. This gives a level of tactility somewhere in the region of half of that of Cherry MX Brown, and the switch does not click. In contrast, SMK second generation switches achieved the same effect by chamfering the slider and using a virtually identical click leaf to that found in their clicky switches.


  • AZiO Levetron Clicker KB528U
  • Clicker F21-7D
  • Some KPT KPT-84 keyboards
  • Packintell-branded Key Mouse keyboard[3]
  • Rosewill Striker RK-6000 (Teal Switch)
  • Wintek-WK-750 (APC BSW 055WH stated on the product box[4])



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