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Tai-Hao Aruz
Aruz switch infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Precedes Tai-Hao APC series
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Total travel 3 mm[1]
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Aruz (/ɑː.ruːz/[2]) is a keyboard switch used in Tai-Hao keyboards, whose design appears be inspired by the Omron B3G-S series. It has also been described as the hash switch due to the unusual shape of the slider. The switch was developed in conjunction with Himake[2] and the base may be branded "Aruz"[3] or "Himake".[4] The apportioning of the manufacturing is not known.

Copies of this switch have been found with "JL" branding,[5] which will be clones, as Tai-Hao did not use this name.[2] A similar if not identical switch has been found with no branding;[5] while Tai-Hao confirmed that they did make unbranded switches for sale to other keyboard manufacturers, they did not specify if this applied to Aruz, APC or both.[2]

The Aruz switches encountered thus far are tactile and clicky and take Alps mount keycaps. The pins are spaced further apart than those of Alps SKCL/SKCM series switches, so the switches are not interchangeable with Alps switches or clones.

The switch is similar in design to a KPT switch, with a similar actuation force to Alps SKCM Blue. The tactile bump resembles that of the KPT switch.

The date of introduction of Aruz is not known, but they were around in 1989.[1] They were manufactured for a year or two before being replaced by the APC series, which itself bears a very strong resemblance to Hua-Jie AK series (created by Himake), which appears to have been introduced around 1990. Tai-Hao were unable to confirm the specifics of the involvement between Himake and Tai-Hao this far forward in time.



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