Tai-Hao Butterfly Keyboard

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Tai-Hao Butterfly Keyboard
Tai-Hao F-21K Butterfly -- top.jpg
Model no. F-21K
Branding None
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Features Optional trackpad, optional trackball
Keyswitches Tai-Hao APC series
Interface AT (keyboard)
Serial interface (pointing device)

Butterfly Keyboard, model F-21K, and referred to as a "Soft Key" keyboard, is a fixed-layout ergonomic keyboard from Tai-Hao designed for use by children. The "Butterfly" name alludes to its curved shape and symmetrical layout. There is also a Tai-Hao F-21K regular ergonomic keyboard.


The Butterfly Keyboard is a fixed, single-body split ergonomic keyboard with a symmetrical layout. The numeric keypad is on the right, and an identically-sized navigation cluster is placed on the left. The function keys are split into three groups, with F1–F6 across the top on the left, F7–F12 across the top on the right, and F13 and F14 added to the navigation cluster to pad out the keyboard to complete the symmetry. The escape key is also moved to the navigation cluster. A single wide space bar spans the two sides of the alphanumeric cluster.

The keyboard features an integrated wrist rest. This includes two "leather or man-made leather" pads that can be ordered with a custom colour.

The cable length is 240 cm.

In the centre is a 3 unit² block, which can be fitted with any of an extra arrow key cluster including diagonal arrows, a trackpad, or a trackball. In Tai-Hao's showroom example, the keyboard connector appears to be AT (DIN-5) and the trackball connector is DE-9 serial interface.

The box also notes that, "To Alleviate Fatigue Patent soft double injection Keycap" — this is not explained, and the keycaps resemble regular Tai-Hao TI series ABS double-shots.

The keyboard comprises five separate PCBs and mounting plates, connected via ribbon cables. The right-most PCB is taller and contains the controller chip.



Trackball version

Key cluster version

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