Tai-Hao TH series

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Tai-Hao TH series
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Inscriptions Double-shot, silkscreen printed
Keycap mounts Cherry MX mount, Alps mount

Tai-Hao TH series is an early Tai-Hao keycap series modelled after Cherry keycaps. The design is described as "Cube type" by Tai-Hao.[1]


TH series keycaps are found on early Tai-Hao keyboards, including Tai-Hao TH-5150 and some models of Tai-Hao TH-5539. They were used in OEM products, but not sold separately.

TH series is a medium-thick keycap series that uses a typeface that resembles that of Cherry's keycaps, itself suggested to be Formula One, which is a close match.[2] According to Tai-Hao, only the "A~Z" keys were double-shot, and the remaining keys used silkscreen printing.[1] Examination of keyboards shows that additional legends were also produced as double-shot; the extent of the double-shot tooling is presently uncertain.

The internal appearance is also very similar to Cherry keycaps. TH series is reported by Tai-Hao to be "TaiHao profile", being different in some manner to Cherry keycaps. Precise dimensions have not yet been obtained.



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