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Taiwan jet axis
Taiwan jet axis black linear -- top.jpg
Switch type Linear, clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Taiwan jet axis (abbreviated TJ by alps.tw) is a series of Cherry MX clone switches. The manufacturer of the switch is not known.


While the Aristotle Cherry MX clone series copied the entire design of the Cherry MX switch, the Taiwan jet axis series is only designed to be externally interchangeable; the switch internals are a custom design. The clicky version of the switch has a click leaf, relieving the contacts of the need to provide tactility. As such, the movable contact does not have Cherry's characteristic folded design and is essentially flat. The slider has side extensions that ride on guide poles, hence alps.tw's name for the switch.[1]

The use of a click leaf means that there is no space to mount a diode; the upper shell appears to have 180° rotational symmetry. The mould numbering is placed in the south position with respect to the writing orientation, but the writing appears either to the left or the right, depending on the orientation of the upper shell.

These switches are prominent for being one of the yellow-slider clones, but white (clear) sliders also exist. The meaning of the slider colour, if any, has yet to be determined.

With the clicky version, the tactile or click force appears to be ca. 75–78 g.[1]


White/clear slider, linear and clicky; mould numbering is written as F followed by one or more digits, or only digits; the slider bears curved recesses on the top
Yellow slider, linear; mould numbering comprises only digits


  • Dah Yang K-156 (yellow slider, linear)[2]
  • Dah Yang K-250 (yellow slider)[3]
  • Mitac 101 (white/clear slider, clicky)
  • Unbranded POS keypad (white/clear slider, linear)[4]
  • Unidentified keyboard (white/clear slider, linear)[5]



Found in a Mitac 101 keyboard.


Found in a Unitek K-260 keyboard.


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