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台灣黑軸與台灣白軸的樣式 (uncertain, roughly "Taiwan-style white shaft and Taiwan-style black shaft") refers to a number of types of Cherry MX clone switch, classified by alps.tw. Most of these switches are now rare, but type 6 is commonly encountered. Chicony cited Aristotle as their manufacturer of Cherry MX clones, so type 6 has been designated Aristotle Cherry MX clone. Another type—either 2B or 3—has been found in a Chicony KB-5161, suggesting that the other switches might also be from Aristotle.

Further details can be found in Chinese in the KBtalking topic ㊣㊣台灣黑軸與台灣白軸的樣式㊣㊣. It is interesting to note that all the switches have small spurs at the end of the slider ramps, of no known purpose.

alps.tw numbered the various switch types; the types are prefixed at Deskthority with "TWB" to distinguish them from other switches identified by number.