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T and Q for keycaps

Quoting citrojohn on this thread:

In addition to the codes on the wiki, some G84 boards have T or Q. I suspect that T is the same as P or similar, and that the T stands for tampography which is another name for pad-printing. I'm not sure about Q, it might mean just "something unusual" like the X layout code; it shows up on some of the caseless boards like G84-4000QAG and G84-4001QAU, but also on apparently-conventional stuff like G84-4100QXAUS.

The G84-4100QXAUS seems to be caseless too, so Q probably means caseless, but what the caps are is still unknown. Trouble is, I haven't found a picture of a Q-coded keyboard yet! Also, the G84-4200 7bit got from the Cherry UK sellout is code OAG...

Tactica (talk) 23:59, 14 March 2018 (CET)