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The following Talk page discusses Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite series. Whilst retaining the subject on the said keyboard the information contained hereonin may/may not be suitable for usage within the actual page or maybe added to other areas as needed. Feel free to add suitable subjects that may otherwise be considered as unsuitable for use within the actual page for various reasons.

Tuxsavvy's notes

HHKB Pro and HHKB Lite cross key cap compatibility

Whilst the idea maybe tempting for some to swap the key cap between HHKB Pro and HHKB Lite. The inevitable reality is that it is not possible due to the differing designs in stem construction.

HHKB Pro uses Topre switches which features a round (barrel like) stems whereas HHKB Lite uses rubber dome over membrane switches which features a more commonly featured rubbber dome over membrane stems (more square shaped).

For those whom are interested here is a source:

Gold lookalike keycaps

Unfortunately not much else can be known about the modification done to make the end product. There was possibly a manufacturer whom actually made gold lookalike key caps for HHKB Lite2 along with three other skins that one could choose to go with their HHKB Lite2. The links are all in Japanese and the link to the vendor/manufacturer from the blog no longer works.

Unreliable key issues (sometimes skipping keystrokes)

This mainly applies to HHKB Lite 2 owners whom may have faced similar issues. According to Avian's blog it is possible to trim the excess (unused) plastics that were left behind in the manufacturing process.

Thumb-shift for HHKB

This is mainly a feature that probably only a few people can appreciate. Splitting the spacebar in half for instance to use thumb shift typing (Japanese) or the alternative spacebar can be used to bind to some other key (for instance backspace as indicated once by bhtooefr).

hieroglyphe's blog (Japanese only) -

PFU accessories for HHKB Lite

Like HHKB Professional, Lite users can enjoy similar benefits when it comes to accessorising their HHKB Lite 2. The keyboard roof[1] for instance is not restricted to HHKB Pro but was to also compliment similarly designed keyboards.

More accessories and other interesting information can be found on HHKB Professional's Talk page. Beware not all items listed on HHKB Professional Talk page maybe suitable for HHKB Lite such as the keycaps:

Deskthority wiki -

Miscellaneous notes

Unlike HHKB Pro series, the HHKB Lite 2 is made in China. The HHKB Pro series are made in Japan:


  1. Kaya39's blog (Japanese only) - Keyboard roof introduction (Japanese only)